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Hand painted maps

  • Painted map is a hand-made work of art,, created by an artist down to the very last detail - there is no machine or software involved. Of course, we also use modern technology to make our maps as accurate as possible. Our painter refers to a software-generated 3D landscape model. The artist also uses standard maps, ortophotos and aerial photos taken from a low-flying airplane. Every house, road, creek and tree is then manually painted one by one, sometimes in the course of several months, to complete the map. You could say that a part of the painter's soul remains in each completed map. This original work of art is later scanned in high resolution and our cartographer and graphic designers process the pictures into the final version of the map - which now includes hundreds of names, routes and pictograms.

  • Main benefits of hand-painted maps are easy orientation, picturesque object representation and versatile application. Painted maps can be used for orientation, education or as a souvenir. It can highlight monuments or commercial businesses.


  • Thanks to the attractiveness of its visual aspects people are happy explore the details of the map and compare the pictures with real objects. Production of a hand-painted map is a very costly matter. It is only possible thanks to our sponsors, who can in turn place advertisements into our maps. Advertising entities in our maps include more than a half of Slovakia's municipalities, thousands of companies, cultural, educational and other institutions. We appreciate their sponsorship and do our best so that they benefit from their presentation in the painted map as much as possible.


  • In addition to our series of maps of regions and towns, we also produce custom-made hand-painted maps of any area based on client's specific needs. This way we can produce painted maps of ski resorts or recreational resorts, land area of a town/village, micro-region, self-governing region or even an entire country.

Preview - Painted city map




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