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The history of our company


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1999 - 2003

Our company was established in 1999 as Cassovia Books, a sales company which focused on distribution and direct sales of consumer goods and books. The company was based in Košice and Nitra. After opening another operation in Veľký Krtiš in 2003 we started publishing our series of painted panoramic maps of Slovak regions and producing promotional materials mainly for villages, towns and regions. The company grew quickly form a one-man business into a successful company.

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2003 - 2006

In 2005 we started developing and managing websites of Slovak regions under the portal. So far we have created info-sites for 8 regions which include hundreds of villages, towns and companies, for whom we have also created short documentary films.

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2006 - 2010

The headquarters of Cassovia Books was relocated to Banská Bystrica on 5. January 2006, due to the expansion of its business and market. This reason also led to the establishment of CBS spol, s.r.o. on 20. March 2007, which now continues in Cassovia Books' work. 

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Our Czech branch in Zlín was opened in 2011. Today we employ more than 40 people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and we are world's biggest producer of hand-painted maps. Our customers include almost all Slovak towns and villages, almost half of Czech towns and villages and thousands of companies both in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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 CBS spol, s.r.o.
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     Banská Bystrica
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